Heat pumps R290

Using the energy of the environment, heat pumps meet the needs for heating and cooling the space and the preparation of domestic hot water (DHW) with very high efficiency. Centrometal has in its offer new R290 heat pumps in monoblock design, with nominal capacities of 6, 10 and 16 kW.

R290, a highly pure propane with zero ODP value, does not have ozone depletion potential. The low GWP (Global Warming Potential) value further demonstrates its environmental protection characteristics, which provides great support to reach EU carbon neutrality. R290 heat pump adopts well-known brand components and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure product reliability. The electrical control system is hermetically isolated to further improve overall reliability assuring safe use of the R290 heat pump. Centrometal R290 heat pumps series reaches the EU Energy Efficiency A+++ at 35℃ water temperature, A++ at 55℃ water temperature.


  • Heating/cooling

    In addition to high efficiency, heat pumps can also be used for space cooling, which is a great advantage over traditional heating systems.

  • Autonomy

    No cleaning and refueling is required as with conventional boilers.

  • No chimney

    There is no need to build a chimney.


  • It allows direct interaction with the content displayed on the screen.
  • User-friendly interface for heat pump control.
  • Control unit with colorful touchscreen panel controls the heat pump operation, and it can control system with up to two mixing heating/cooling circuits, one direct heating/cooling circuit and DHW preparation (with DHW circulation pump operation control as well) (mandatory additional equipment).
  • It can be connected to a system that uses floor heating/cooling, fan coils and/or radiators.
  • It can be connected to a web portal afterwards.

regulacija za dizalicu topline, heat pump controller

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Technical manual - R290 Mono


Prospect (PDF)
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