(only by order) Centropelet ZVC14, ZVC20, ZVC24, ZVC28, ZVC32

Hot water stoves Centropelet  ZVC14, ZVC20, ZVC24, ZVC28, ZVC32 are wood pellet firing stoves intended for heating the room with air by means of a built-in fan and water through the radiator central heating. They are made of steel with modern design and high efficiency. They have a built-in circulation pump, safety valve, pressure switch, expansion vessel and automatic vent valve. They are standardly supplied with a remote control and digital control that can be used to manage the work of the stove and select the weekly programme.



    Air + water heating by spraying hot air into space and connecting to radiators.


    The economical function enables automatic power down when the room temperature approaches the default values.


    The pellets are automatically supplied by sling conveyor and burned automatically with electric heater.


    Control the stove functions from the comfort of the armchair with the intuitive remote control.

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