EKO-CUP M3 and EKO-CUP M3 Bg (18 – 80 kW)

EKO-CUP M3 steel hot water boilers (heat outputs 18- 80 kW) and EKO-CUP M3 Bg (heat outputs 25-80 kW) are of modern design and are notable for their high efficiency level resulting from continual development of design features, the application of modern technologies and the use of high quality materials. These factors also make these boilers safe and reliable. Economy of use is assured by the triple-pass combustion gas flow system.

A special feature of EKO CUP-M3 Bg boilers is an integrated domestic stainless steel water heater which is placed inside the boiler’s water chamber. This feature makes the product especially interesting because the control functions of the boiler are always able to maintain the required temperature of domestic hot water. 



    The three passing smoke flue system is the basic reason why we can call this product “effective”.


    Small emissions of combustion products make the product environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.


    Large boiling water content reduces the number of switches and prolongs burner life and saves energy.


    Delivered in parts that allows easy transportation and installation of the boiler.

  • Hot water boilers for central heating systems with triple-pass flue gas flow system (nominal heat outputs 18 -80 kW).
  • Economical and ecologically acceptable, with high efficiency rates.
  • Built in turbulators enable better heat flow from flue gas to boiler water, better regulation of resistance in the combustion chamber and better regulation of the output temperature of the flue gas, i.e. highly effective balancing between the functionality of the boiler, burner and chimney.
  • A large volume of water in the boiler reduces the number of start ups, prolongs the life of the burner and saves energy.
  • Pre-wired boiler and control panel with basic boiler regulation and prepared (plugged in) connections for heat regulation depending on outdoor temperature.
  • A special feature is its high performance heat and noise insulation.
  • Basic boiler controller controls a single stage burner according to set values for temperature of water in the boiler.
  • The door of the boiler has perforated holes for mounting of the burner and can be opened both to the left and right for 90° which enables simple and fast boiler cleaning.
  • The body of the boiler is delivered separately from the casing which enables easier transportation and assembly.
  • The boiler is manufactured in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



ECO-CUP M3 BG special features:

  • Hot-air boiler for central heating with built-in hot water boiler dumped in boiler water and flue gas system in three passes, rated 25 to 80 kW.
  • The hot water boiler is made of high quality stainless steel, guaranteeing high hygienic conditions, and the submersible boiler allows rapid heating of the entire amount of hot water.
  • The built-in hot water boiler in the boiler reduces the investment for the price of the circulation pump, which would be needed when the boiler was outside the boiler.
  • The boiler control is sufficient for regulating the DHW temperature and no additional investment is required.

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