NEW! Regulation CPREG-Touch for Cm Pelet-set

Herewith we  would like to inform you that beyond the version CPREG we also have in offer a new controller for our pellet burner (CPPL) type CPREG – Touch

In the text below you can find the comparison between the new CPREG Touch and current/previous CPREG controller which remains in sale.

cpreg touchobavijest_touch-eng

Additional CPREG Touch controller characteristics in the serial delivery:

  • Possible steering of boilers connected with an accumulation tank , hydraulic crossover or directly with the installation by help of a manual or motorized 4 way mixing valve.
  • Possible steering of 2 heating circuits with a motorized valve according tot he outer or room temperature.
  • Possible DHW tank heating and recirculation pump steering by set time.
  • Possible repurpose of one of the mixing valves for the heating circuit into a mixing valve with actuator for the protection of the boiler return.
  • Possible repurpose of the unused exits for the pumps in a certain configuration for another purpose as needed (for example steering the burner flap (for CPPL 14/35/50) or the burner air cleaning).
  • Possible controller extension by installing a PC board with additional two relay exits on the connection place of the CAL alarm, for the flap connection or burner air cleaning in case all other exits are occupied.

Software solutions for the CPREG Touch controller:

  • Animated display of the operation of individual pumps , fan and choosen heating components.
  • Display of the burner’s working hours , operation statistics of individual components and real flame strength.
  • Display of error history and burner warnings.
  • Modulated operational mode of the pellet burner.
  • When opening the lower boiler door due the need to clean the boiler, the controller display and boiler and heating pumps continue to work (the current towards the controller is not interrupted).
  • Sound signal when pressing the keys and when an error occurs.
  • Weekly programs for the boiler operation, DHW heating and DHW recirculation.


CM WiFi-box

wifi eng

  • acces by smarphone, tablet, pc
  • temperature monitoring, online boiler turning ON/OFF and parameter changing
  • connection to a home WiFi network
  • temperatures history, graphs
  • errors, warnings
  • statistics
  • pellet level in the tank

Fair "ISH" FRANKFURT 14. - 18. March 2017.

ish frankfurt_eng


"Aqua term" Nitra (Slovakia)


Best exhibit award - BioTec Plus

At the “Aqua Therm” in Nitra (Slovakia) our newly-boiler Biotec Plus received the award for the best exhibit. We are honored and once more thank the organizer for the award and we thank our authorized distributor for Slovakia, the company “Zamat s.r.o” for the cooperation.




Education in Termoteknika, Kosovo


Fair "Agrokomplex 2016" in Nitra 18.08.2016 - 21.08.2016 (Slovakia)

“Agrokomplex 2016”




NEW! EKO-CKS Multi Plus (170-580 kW)

EKO-CKS Multi plus_Hot water boilers EKO–CKS Multi Plus with nominal power output 170 – 580 kW are designed for burning with wood chip and wood pellets. The boilers can be installed in closed and open central heating systems in medium and large facilities. Automatic operation of the boiler provides the user with an enviable comfort and makes the systems suitable for a wide application.
The boilers have an incorporated moveable grate for fuel burning, a lambda probe, an automatic fuel feeding system, automatic ignition, thermal protection, automatic ash extraction from the combustion chamber, cyclone to extricate particles out of the flue gases and boiler return flow protection. They are recognizable by the juncture of modern technologies and high – quality construction materials, the simple installation and use. Proven technical solutions make these boilers safe and reliable in operation.