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NEW! EKO-CKS Multi Plus (170-580 kW)

EKO-CKS Multi plus_Hot water boilers EKO–CKS Multi Plus with nominal power output 170 – 580 kW are designed for burning with wood chip and wood pellets. The boilers can be installed in closed and open central heating systems in medium and large facilities. Automatic operation of the boiler provides the user with an enviable comfort and makes the systems suitable for a wide application.
The boilers have an incorporated moveable grate for fuel burning, a lambda probe, an automatic fuel feeding system, automatic ignition, thermal protection, automatic ash extraction from the combustion chamber, cyclone to extricate particles out of the flue gases and boiler return flow protection. They are recognizable by the juncture of modern technologies and high – quality construction materials, the simple installation and use. Proven technical solutions make these boilers safe and reliable in operation.

On 27/04/2016 we delivered accumulation tank volume of 150,000 liters for Austrian Client.

akumulacijski spremnik 150 000

Fair "Stavební veletrhy" in Brno 20.04.2016 - 23.04.2016 (Czech Republic)



Celje 2016.

From 12.04.2016 – 15.04.2016 we were at the 18th Energetics fair in Celje (Slovenia).

Sajam Celje

Fairs Verona and Milano 2016.

From 15.03.2016 – 18.03.2016 we were at the 40th “Mostra Convegno Expocomfort” in Milano (Italy).


From  24.02-2016 – 28.02.2016 we were at the International fair  “Progetto Fuoco”in Verona (Italy).


"Aqua term" Nitra

From 09.02.2016 – 12.02.2016  we were at the International Fair “Aqua term” in Nitra (Slovakia).


50 years of heating!

16.10.2015. was held the central celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company Centrometal d.o.o from Macinec.

To celebrate the jubilee 50 years of the company were invited many of business partners who are in the company’s headquarters in Macinec presented new machines in production after which the celebration moved to a hotel in “Golfer” in terme Sv. Martin. After the official part of the celebrations, which complemented the tamburitza band and vocal quartet, party continued in a somewhat leisurely tone in a nearby pub.

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“Fićo” from 1979. at the fair in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).