Solar collectors and pump groups

The CPK 7210N Alu flat solar collector, is a high quality and attractively designed modern product. It is engineered for domestic water heating systems, swimming pool heating and for central heating systems with the ability to store accumulated heat. The CPK 7210N flat collector is made of high quality materials, which give it a long  [ » ]

The CVSKC-10 vacuum tube solar collector has been engineered to meet a typical market need, which is for high efficiency in less than ideal conditions. This vacuum tube collector shows advantage in exactly that situation, when flat plate collectors lose their efficiency, during low radiation periods or when there is high temperature differences. The collector  [ » ]

Very important elements of the solar heating systems are also the CSPG solar pump units. The CSPG-279 HE pump unit contains all the elements (apart from the collectors, water heater with automatic control, solar air vent pot and expanding vessel) necessary for normal functioning of the solar heating system. If there is an additional collector circuit or an additional accumulation tank,  [ » ]