Accumulation tanks

CAS accumulation tanks are engineered for integration into central heating systems with solid fuel firing boilers (Bio-Tec, BioSolid, EKO-CK P (EKO-CK), EKO-CKB P (EKO-CKB), EKO-CKS, CentroPlus, CentroPlus-B…) in order to store the heat energy and enable economical and efficient functioning of the boiler. CAS are produced in seven different sizes (volumes 475, 740, 940, 1435, 1920, 2960, 3820  [ » ]

CAS-BS accumulation tanks are designed for installation in low temperature heating systems and sanitary water heating systems supported by a solar heating system. The special design ensures rapid heating of the upper part of the tank by solar collectors, which provides faster and more efficient heating of domestic hot water. In the lower part of  [ » ]