CAS Special

With standard storage tanks, it is possible to order other sizes and types of connections.

The installation of well-dimensioned storage tanks with biomass boilers brings benefits and advantages to households and commercial buildings as well as central heating systems. Increasing the efficiency of the boiler and heating system, increasing the comfort of burning and the heating itself (digital controls guided by the external temperature can be installed…), reducing heating costs and preserving the environment are just some of the reasons why this energy solution has become indispensable in modern heating and cooling systems.

In the production program, there is the possibility of ordering larger volumes of storage tanks, up to 250,000 liters. The installation of storage tanks is especially important in central heating systems where energy is distributed to several locations. By using large tanks (10,000 to 250,000 liters or as needed), it is possible to better coordinate energy production and consumption in different locations, resulting in optimized system operation and better use of available resources.


Tvrtka Centrometal d.o.o. ne preuzima odgovornost za moguće netočnosti u ovom članku nastale prepisivanjem ili kopiranjem, sve su slike i sheme načelne te je potrebno svaku prilagoditi stvarnom stanju na terenu, u svakom slučaju tvrtka si pridržava pravo unositi vlastitim proizvodima one izmjene koje smatra potrebnim.