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Cm-Pelet-set-14-90-jednolisni-12-2013-radno central heating equipment is designed for attaching to new appropriately specified boilers and already inbuild boilers such as EKO-CK P and EKO-CKB P(nominal heat output from 14 to 90 kW) or EKO-CK and EKO-CKB (nominal heat output power 14 to 50 kW). The Cm Pelet-set and the boiler together make a functional unit, i.e. a mini heating system for pellet firing. The automatic functioning of such a mini heating system offers a high level of convenience and makes them suitable for a wide range of users. From an operational point of view, such a plant is comparable for convenience with an oil or gas firing heating system, while the fuel consumption is some 40% more cost effective than an oil fired systems. Pellet is a renewable fuel and ecologically very acceptable.


  • The Cm Pelet-set is delivered ready prepared for integration with the boilers EKO-CK P and EKO-CKB P with an nominal heat output from 14 to 90 kW or EKO-CK and EKO-CKB with an nominal heat output from 14 to 50 kW.
  • Together with the boiler it creates a functional unit, a mini heating system for pellet firing.
  • The mini heating system is controlled by the digital boiler regulator which automatically activates and deactivates the system and keeps heating very comfortable.
  • The mini system can be connected to the central heating circuit directly or through a CAS accumulation tank.
  • The fan and the electric heater installed inside the burner, digitally regulated,
  • automatically fires the pellets and keeps the fire in.
  • Up to 40% fuel cost-savings comparing with oil fired systems.
  • Cleaning time,depending on nominal power of boiler and pellet quality after one spent pellet tank, takes five minutes.
  • The pellet tank volume 0,37 m3 or 0,8 m3 is a part of the plant and filled from its upper side.
  • Optional addition of equipment for automatic delivery of pellets from a large tank at a distance of up to 20 meters and with lifting heights of up to 4 meters.
  • Option to add equipment for turning on / off by a phone or GSM.
  • Option to link several units in a cascade.
  • The Cm Pelet-set is delivered in knocked down form in order to make transport and stock allocation easier.
  • Tested and certified to European standard EN 303-5. Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.


  • Wood pellet is a renewable fuel, and therefore ecologically acceptable.
  • It is made out of wood bio-mass scraps extruded into pellets by special machinery.
  • Pellets are delivered in various ways: in bags (15 kg or 1000 kg), or as bulk into large, possibly underground, storage tanks (4 – 15 m3) or into basement spaces or sheds.
  • Recommended specification for pellets for Cm Pelet-set feeding:
  • – heating value >= 4,9 kWh/kg (17,5 MJ/kg)
  • – diameter = 6 mm
  • – max. length = 50 mm
  • – max. humidity = 12%
  • – max. ash = 1,5%




Additional equipment:
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