Equipment for wood chips/solid fuel fring

Steel warm water boilers EKO-CKS Multi Plus with 170 – 580 kW efficiency are designed to be fired by wood chips and wood pellets. They can be installed in both closed and open central heating systems in medium and large facilities. Automatic operation of these systems provides the user with enviable comfort and makes the  [ » ]

Equipment for central heating systems BIO-CK P Unit (nominal heat output from 25 to 100 kW) is designed for burning wood chips. It consists of a hot water boiler BIO-CK P, a burner with the fuel transporter and digital boiler control. A fuel tank with a transporter and mixer should be added to the BIO-CK  [ » ]

Steel hot water boilers for central heating systems EKO-CKS Multi with rated output 160-580 kW are designed to burn wood chip. They are designed for installation in closed or open heating systems for medium and large objects. Automatic operation of the system provides the user with an enviable comfort and makes the system suitable for  [ » ]

WOOD CHIP TANKS WITH A MIXER AND FEEDER These systems are designed for storage and transportation of wood chips to the firing equipment of BIO-CK P Unit, EKO-CKS Multi, EKO-CKS Multi Plus. They are manufactured so that they can be placed both indoors and outdoors. They are equipped with a screw transporter, an electric motor  [ » ]