Combined boilers (solid fuel, wood pellet, oil, gas firing)

The EKO-CK P steel hot water boilers (with nominal heat output 14 – 110 kW) are engineered for solid fuel, wood pellet, oil or gas firing to meet heating demands from the smallest to the largest premises, as a main or as an alternative heat source. This product can be easily recognized by its modern  [ » ]

 EKO-CKB P (nominal heat output 20 – 50 kW) are engineered for solid fuel, wood pellet, oil or gas firing. They are members of the EKO-CK P boilers’ family. Their additional special feature is a stainless steel water heater situated inside the boilers’ water. This makes this product particularly interesting, because it guarantees constant temperature  [ » ]

The steel hot water boilers CentroPlus and CentroPlus-B (nominal heat output of 25 and 35 kW) have two separate combustion chambers inside the boiler water. The left combustion chamber is used for solid or liquid fuel firing, the right combustion chamber is used for pellet or liquid fuel firing. The possibility of a combination of  [ » ]

CentroPlus and CentroPlus-B solid fuel and wood pellet fired boilers: The steel hot water boiler CentroPlus and CentroPlus-B can be fired with wood pellets and with solid fuel. For wood pellet firing the Cm Pelet-set for CentroPlus must be added(volume of the pellet tank 0,37 m3 or 0,8 m3). In addition to wood pellet only and  [ » ]