Boiler regulations with heating regulators

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE E8 SERIES CONTROLLER: Boiler (boilers) temperature regulation is relative to external temperature through activation of the burner. Boiler inlet temperature is regulated relative to the external temperature controlled by the mixing valve actuator. Ability to enter two separate heating programs for each circuit (shift operation). Only one external sensor for up to  [ » ]

CHARACTERISTICS OF ROOM THERMOSTAT ST-A: – ON/OFF electromechanical room thermostat – Connection to pump, boiler, spring motor actuator or two-point motor actuator – Switch for temperature regulation: 8°C-30°C. – Contact 5(2.5)A @ 250V AC     CHARACTERISTICS OF ROOM THERMOSTAT ST-TD: – ON/OFF electronical weekly programmable room thermostat (heating or cooling), works on 2*AA (1.5V) batteries. – Connection to pump,  [ » ]