biotec-plusSteel hot water boiler with two combustion chambers is intended for firing wood pellets and logs. In the pellet combustion chamber is installed the burner for wood pellet firing with the automatic pellet firing and automatic grate cleaning function and in the second combustion chamber the wood gasification principle enables burning of logs. Multifunctional digital boiler control using lambda probe and underpressure fan optimizes combustion in both combustion chambers, which increases the efficiency of the boiler. The pellet tank is an integral part of the boiler to which the automatic vacuum pellet supply can be installed. The installation of the accumulation tank (CAS) is obligatory. It is possible to expand the boiler control with the CM2K-B module (steering of 2 heating circuits to the outside temperature, max.4xCM2K), alarm message and boiler start/stop module CMGSM.


  • Boiler Class 5.
  • Hot water boiler with two combustion chambers for firing logs and wood pellets, with power output 25, 35 and 45 kW.
  • Compact boiler of high efficiency and low maintenance (with standard built-in automatic cleaning of the grate of pellet combustion chamber it is possible to order additional automatic cleaning of flue gas tubes).
  • Boiler operation is managed with built-in boiler control unit using the lambda probe, boiler sensor, temperature sensor in wood gasification boiler combustion chamber and flue gas temperature sensor by flue gas modulating fan.
  • Modulating boiler operation on pellet side (30 -100%).
  • Modulating boiler operation on wood side (50-100%).
  • Filling level sensor in the pellet tank.
  • Multifunctional digital controller with a colour touch screen conducts the wood gasification burning process in the log firing boiler.
  • It is engineered for installation in open or closed heating systems only through the accumulation tank (CAS), volume min. 50l/kW.
  • The boiler is tested and certified according to EN303-5: 2012 and meets Class 5. It is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard.


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Obligatory: Connection to CAS accumulation tank:
– CAS accumulation tank, 3-way thermostatic valve LTC, VTC…. (60°C);
Closed heating system –  thermal safety valve, safety-air vent group (2.5 bar) and expansion vessel
Open heating system- open expansion vessel;



Refilling pellets from the larger tank CPSP-BP by screw conveyor


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